Bioneer Research Group


The Bioneer Research Group aims to explore biological systems and solve problems at the boundary of engineering and life sciences.

Our group is multidisciplinary and incorporates interests in bio-solid and bio-fluid mechanics, biomimetics, biological and medical imaging, biomaterials and advanced modelling and simulation. Facilities are state-of-the-art and exploit the latest in manufacturing technology, predominantly using 3D printing, as well as the recently established Zeiss Global Centre to support 3D microCT imaging and numerical/FE modelling capacity.

Specific solutions the group provides include understanding the function of biological systems in healthy and diseased conditions, multi-scale modelling of structure-function relationships in tissues complemented by novel bioimaging, and the manufacture of bioinspired structures and their optimisation for conventional and translational engineering applications.

The group has established links with key strategic partners including Diamond Light Source, Carl Zeiss Ltd., Glaxo Smith Klein, the National Heart and Lung Institute, and the Royal National Orthopaedic and Queen Alexandra Hospitals. The group has attracted funding from the Royal Society as well as from Research councils such as the EPSRC and STFC.

Zeiss XRadia machine in use

The University of Portsmouth is a Zeiss Global Centre for 3D microCT imaging and numerical/FE modelling.

A 3D scan

In situ XCT mechanics and Digital Volume Correlation of trabecular bone. Image credit: Dr Gianluca Tozzi


Dr Afshin Anssari-Benam: Cardiovascular biomechanics, soft tissue engineering and modelling, continuum mechanics

Professor Gordon Blunn: Tissue engineering, orthopaedic implants, regenerative medicine

Dr Andrea Bucchi: FEM, fluid structure interaction, cardiovascular biomechanics

Dr John Chiverton: Image processing 2D/3D/4D; including VTK, ITK, OpenCV, PCL

Professor Chris Louca: Prosthodontic/restorative dentistry, biomaterials

Dr Bidyut Pal: FE simulation orthopaedic implants, cell mechanics modelling

Dr Martino Pani: FEM, bone mechanics, (μ)CT-based subject-specific modelling

Dr Gianluca Tozzi (Head of Research Group): MicroCT 3D/4D imaging, DIC/DVC, bone, biomaterials

Associate Members

Professor Asa Barber: Bioinspiration, hard and soft tissue mechanics, 3D printing, imaging