Intelligent and Networked Systems Research Group


Intelligence, interaction and communication over networked systems, are key aspects of today’s connected world. These are the subjects of research at the Intelligent and Networked Systems Group at the School of Engineering, University of Portsmouth. How can we build autonomous robotic systems that can plan and act in complex and changing environments? How can we develop software systems that are able to learn new knowledge? How can we use our knowledge of biological intelligence to develop artificial intelligent systems? How can the use of ICT help us deliver an efficient and reliable power grid where the use of existing infrastructure is maximised? These are some of the questions being addressed by the group’s research.

The term Intelligent Systems refers to the theory and application of systems that perceive, reason, learn, and act intelligently to achieve their objectives. Networked systems are composed of dynamic units or components which are interconnected, interact and communicate over a network. Many networked systems exhibit intelligence and also many intelligent systems are also networked systems.

Work at the group includes the development of both core underlying theories and focussed application areas. The group, whose members work in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary environment, has research and knowledge transfer activities in the following, largely inter-related areas:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Smart energy systems and power grids
  • Networked environmental systems, smart homes and sensor networks
  • Robotics and autonomous systems
  • Telecommunications, networked systems and cyber-security
  • Intelligent and integrated design of complex systems
  • Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis
  • Electronics, mechatronics and control systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Computer vision

Members of the group receive funding from the EPSRC, the EU, the Royal Academy of Engineering, Innovate UK, and industry. The group collaborates with other academic institutions and companies in various externally funded projects.


Professor Victor Becerra Head: Power systems, automatic control, autonomous systems

Dr Salem Aljareh: Data communications and network security

Dr Khalil Alkadhimi: Control engineering

Dr Nils Bausch: Smart homes, data mining, mechatronic systems

Dr Absamad Benkrid: High Performance Computing using FPGA and GPU, Digital Signal Processing, and Computer Vision

Dr Rinat Khusainov: Assisted living, machine learning, embedded systems, network security

Dr Ying Liu: Robotics, artificial intelligence

Dr David Ndzi: Wireless communications, wireless sensor networks, environmental monitoring, modelling and adaptive control

Dr David Sanders: Robotics, AI, environmental systems

Dr Giles Tewkesbury: Electronics, AI, human computer interfaces

Dr Hongwei Wang: Knowledge and information management, collaborative product development, modelling and simulation, intelligent and computational design

Dr Linda Yang: Data Mining, Recommendation Systems, Information Retrieval and Mobile Computing

Dr Shikun Zhou: Sensor networks, machine learning