Head of School

Dr Lynsey Plockyn (Interim) Head of School
Professor Victor M. Becerra Professor of Power Systems Engineering and Deputy Head of School

Academic Staff

Mr Vasileios Adamos Senior Lecturer
Dr Mohamed Al-Mosawi Teaching Fellow
Dr Salem Aljareh Senior Lecturer
Dr Khalil Alkadhimi Principal Lecturer
Dr Afshin Anssari-Benam Senior Lecturer
Dr Antigoni Barouni Teaching Fellow
Dr Nils Bausch Lecturer
Dr Abdsamad Benkrid Senior Lecturer
Professor Nick Bennett Professor of Engineering Manufacture and Innovation
Dr Andrea Bucchi Associate Head (Research and Innovation) and Senior Lecturer
Dr James Buick Senior Lecturer
Professor Jim Byrne Emeritus Professor
Dr John Chiverton Lecturer
Dr Hom Nath Dhakal Reader in Composite Materials
Dr Krassimir Dotchev Senior Lecturer
Dr Mariana Dotcheva Senior Lecturer
Mr Victor Dunn Senior Lecturer
Dr Misha Filip External Business Engagement Lead
Dr Regina Frei Senior Lecturer
Dr John Geddes Principal Lecturer
Mr Amir Gharavi Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Jebraeel Gholinezhad Lecturer
Dr Ozgur Gundogan Lecturer
Dr Mohamed Hassan-Sayed Senior Lecturer
Dr Ya Huang Senior Lecturer
Dr Ioannis Kagalidis Senior Lecturer
Dr Alkistis Karabela Senior Lecturer
Mr Michael Kenomore Graduate Teaching Assistant
Dr Sergey Khaustov Teaching Fellow
Dr Rinat Khusainov Senior Lecturer
Dr Jason Knight Senior Lecturer
Mr Kanad Kulkarni Lecturer
Dr Andrew Little Principal Lecturer
Dr Ying Liu Senior Lecturer
Dr Reza Malakooti Lecturer
Mr Manish Malik Senior Lecturer
Mr Matthew McConnell Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mr Chi Nguyen Senior Lecturer
Dr Bidyut Pal Lecturer
Dr Martino Pani Lecturer
Mr Rallis Papademetriou Principal Lecturer
Mr Hassan Parchizadeh Principal Lecturer
Dr Petko Petkov Teaching Fellow
Dr Ivan Popov Principal Lecturer
Dr Cliff Pritchard Senior Lecturer
Professor Mike Purvis Emeritus Professor
Dr Jovana Radulovic Associate Head of School (Quality) and Senior Lecturer
Mr Josh Robertson Teaching Fellow
Professor Carl Ross Lecturer (part time)
Mr Jonathan Rowe Senior Teaching Fellow
Mr Pablo Salazar Teaching Fellow
Dr David Sanders Reader in Systems/Knowledge Engineering
Dr Amjad Shah Lecturer
Dr Sarinova Simandjuntak Senior Lecturer
Dr Abdulkarim Tawfik Principal Lecturer
Dr Giles Tewkesbury Associate Head (Student Learning Experience) and Principal Lecturer
Professor Jie Tong Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Gianluca Tozzi Reader in Bioengineering
Professor Enric Vilar Emeritus Professor
Dr Branislav Vuksanovic Senior Lecturer
Dr Hongwei Wang Senior Lecturer
Dr Qian Wang Senior Lecturer
Dr Richard Wheaton Senior Lecturer (part time)
Mr Matthew Whitwell Lecturer
Mr Michael Williams Lecturer
Mr David Wiltshire Senior Lecturer
Dr Linda Yang Senior Lecturer
Dr Jurgita Zekonyte Lecturer
Dr Zhongyi Zhang Principal Lecturer
Dr ShiYi Zheng Teaching Fellow
Dr Shikun Zhou Senior Lecturer

Research Staff & PhD Students

Mr Anas Abubaker Research Student
Mr Ahmed Ahmed Research Student
Mr Mahmoud Al-Faris Research Student
Mr Mustafa Alhamdi Research Student
Mr Fawaz Alharbi Research Student
Mr Basem Aljehani Research Student
Mr Abdullah Al-Khadher Research Student
Mr Murtadha Al-Maliki Research Student
Mr Fahad Al Mansour Research Student
Mr Mohamad Al-Wattar Research Student
Mr Saleh Alyahya Research Student
Mr Zeyad Al-Zaydi Research Student
Mr Ikedieze Gabriel Anyim Research Student
Miss Samara Banno Research Student
Miss Maulida Butar Butar Research Student
Miss Serena De Gelidi Research Student
Ms Hizrin Mohd Hidzir Research Student
Mr Ikechukwu Ibekwe Research Student
Mr Mohammed Ibrahim Research Student
Mr Mohd Rizal Bin M Isa Research Student
Mr Sikiru Ismail Research Student
Mr Andreas Lianos Research Student
Dr Bing Lin Senior Research Associate
Dr Yan-Wei Lu Research Associate
Mr Colin Lupton Senior Research Fellow
Mr Ahmed Mohammed Research Student
Dr Katherine Moran Research Student
Mr Hayder Murad Research Student
Mr Hassanuddin Mohamed Noor Research Student
Mr Reda Nujoom Research Student
Mr Munirudeen Oloso Research Student
Mr Vincenzo Panebianco Research Student
Mr Hao Qin Research Student
Dr Georgios Ragkousis Research Fellow
Mr Noor Zuraidin Bin Mohd Safar Research Student
Miss Noor Shafini Binti Mohamad Research Student
Ms Aikaterini Stamou Research Student
Mr Thirumavalavan Thirulogasingam Research Student
Mr Athanasios Tsovolos Research Student
Mr Guanguang Yang Research Student
Dr Qinghang Zhang Research Associate

Professional Staff

Ms Lisa Atkinson Course Administrator
Miss Sarah Cooper Course Administrator
Miss Allisson Cory Senior School Administrator
Miss Charlotte Goswell Course Administrator
Mrs Debbie Glanfield Secretary to the Head of School
Mrs Tracy Hambrook Principal School Manager
Mrs Kelly Howe School Administrator
Mrs Linda Janes Postgraduate Administrator
Mrs Amber Knight Course Administrator
Ms Anna Morrissey Course Administrator
Mr Terry Pett Technical Administrator
Mrs Carol Shepherd Deputy School Manager