School of Health and Care Professions


The Centre for Simulation in Health and Care (CSH&C) offers our students the opportunity to develop those practical skills necessary for working in the health and care-related sciences in a safe, contextual and realistic learning environment. The Centre has contemporary simulation facilities representative of current clinical equipment, and healthcare environments, which are used to support the learning and development of our students. These simulation facilities include:

  • A large flexible clinical simulation space with the capability of being sectioned into 12 individual bays
  • A fully realistic operating theatre with Human Patient Simulator
  • A clinical skills simulation suite
  • Bariatric and older adult simulators
  • 3D virtual learning system (VERT) for radiotherapy training
  • CAE and Laerdal human patient simulators
  • Ward/observation area
  • Haptic ultrasound laboratory
  • Eye tracking equipment (static and mobile)
  • A state-of-the-art imaging suite, similar to those used in clinical practice
  • A comprehensive electronic film library
  • Three emergency ultrasound scanners and a high resolution colour portable ultrasound system
  • A fully functioning one-bedroomed flat
  • A bespoke emergency ambulance
  • Video 'tagging' and debriefing cameras (static and mobile)
  • Full technical support and open access areas

See a fly through video of the facilities in St Andrew's Court.

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