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Outreach and liaison

Students exploring the Centre for Simulation
Students exploring the Centre for Simulation

The department has a dedicated Schools and Colleges Liaison team, whose role is to work with schools (years 10 and 11 especially) and colleges (16+), in support of prospective students as they investigate universities and degree courses. As students look to their future, advancing from school to college, or choosing a university course, there is often a confusion of information, a wealth of marketing material, similar named courses around the country and lots of universities to choose from.

Our team pay regular visits to educational establishments and present the most current information on the application process, our degree course content, future employment prospects, UCAS entry points, costs of university, as well as highlighting the general experience of going to the University of Portsmouth.

If you would like to take part in any of our activities that aim to inspire and inform young people about university in general please see our Education Liaison and Outreach Team pages 

For further information about any of our Education Liaison and Outreach activities, please contact us.