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Birth cohort

About the Portsmouth Birth Cohort Project

The Portsmouth Birth Cohort Registry is an exciting new project tracking the health and well-being of babies born in Portsmouth. The information from this project will be used to improve the lives of children, especially children in the Portsmouth area.

What is a birth cohort registry?

A Birth Cohort Registry is a register or a list of the children born during a specified time period.

We will collect details of health and other information of the children born in Portsmouth during 2015-2016 and these details will be added onto an electronic database. The information about the babies and the mothers is confidential and no names are used in any research reports.

Why do we need a birth cohort registry in Portsmouth?

Portsmouth is different from other cities in the South of England. The overall health of people living in Portsmouth is worse than the average for England. To help health, social, and education services provide what is needed for people of the city, they need good information. At the moment there is not enough information to base policies on and plan services for the local population in Portsmouth. The information in the register would be used by researchers to help find out what services the local people need. This will help to shape future policies and ensure that that children in Portsmouth are given the very best start in life.

Who will be included in the registry?

We are asking mothers of all of the babies born in Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth over the next year to take part in the study. Babies of women who want to take part in the study will then be followed up as they grow up. Specially trained midwives will be available to talk to women as they wait for their routine antenatal ultrasound clinic. The research midwives will tell the women more about the study and answer any questions that they might have.

Can I find out more about the study?

If you would like to look at the information leaflet you can download it here [Link to Information Leaflet]

If you would like to ask any questions please email us

The Team

Research Midwives

Linda Lishman
Jessie Madgwick
Zoe Garner

University Researchers

Professor Tara Dean
Dr Saseendran Pallikadavath
Dr Suzannah Helps
Dr Kate Maslin
Jill Glasby

Who is involved in the study?

In this study, researchers from the University of Portsmouth will work closely with Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust and the Portsmouth City Council to collect information about the health and needs of babies in Portsmouth.

The project is funded by the University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Science 

This project is hosted by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

More information about the Portsmouth Birth Cohort Registry can be found on the NHS Health Research Authority Webpage