School of Health Sciences and Social Work

Critical Care


The School of Health Sciences & Social Work (SHSSW) has a new collaborative partnership with the Department of Critical Care, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The Department of Critical Care provides support for patients whose conditions are potentially life threatening, and has been granted associate department status with the School by the University of Portsmouth and can now use the title of “Academic Department of Critical Care”.

Academic Department of Critical Care (ADCC)

The Academic Department of Critical Care has an established national reputation for excellence in teaching and training and has a proven record of successful recruitment to multiple clinical trials, which form the basis of its clinical research portfolio. There is substantial overlap between the work of the Academic Department of Critical Care and the School’s curriculum, as well as shared research interests and this associate department status will strengthen the links between education, research and practice in this complex and rapidly evolving field. This formal relationship will provide further opportunities to work co-operatively for patient benefit and enhance the reputation of both organisations.

Benefits for ADCC and SHSSW

For the School of Health Sciences and Social Work:

  • Clinical expertise to supplement the curriculum across SHSSW and other departments;
  • Identification of contemporary clinical topics for undergraduate, postgraduate and research projects;
  • Collaboration in supervision teams for such clinical projects (especially MRes, PD or PhD);
  • Annual contribution to SHSSWs research seminar series.

For the Associate Department of Critical Care:

  • Collaboration in research specifically related to older people (University of Portsmouth Ageing Network), respiratory, allergy, including with other departments at the University;
  • Output from small scale projects undertaken by the University of Portsmouth’s students;
  • Academic support and recognition for in-house teaching and research.

For both parties:

  • Joint working to develop reusable learning objects to enhance continuing professional development (PHT) or to enhance the curriculum (SHSSW);
  • Developing joint research bids to mutual benefit;
  • Joint publications to disseminate research.

Future work

There are named links for both departments and the link for SHSSW is Dr Isobel Ryder. We aim to advertise a joint MRes project shortly, with undergraduates projects in time for the academic year 2014/15.