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Basics of Computed Tomography

  • Course Type: Radiography CPD
  • Venue: Park Building, University of Portsmouth

This two day study event is aimed at individuals who have just started or will be starting to train in Computed Tomography (CT). The study event will be split over two days.

Delegates may book to attend both days. Alternatively, they may book to attend either day independently. There is no requirement to attend both.

The outline for each day is as follows:

Day 1

  • Historical context to CT - this session will provide an introduction to the background behind CT to understand its development and appreciate the fusion of physics, mathematics, and technology in regard to how it works.
  • Principles of CT - this session will focus upon what is inside the gantry and consider how CT scanners have evolved from the first generation to MDCT; and the subsequent transition from sequential to helical scanning.
  • Physical principles of scanning - this session will provide an overview of parameters used in scanning.
  • Engineering concepts - this will focus upon the design considerations behind the x-ray tube, filtration, collimators, and detectors.

The date for day 1 has passed. See the outline for day 2 of the course:

Day 2

  • Data Acquisition - this session moves on from the physical principles of CT and principles of scanning sessions in day 1 and introduces the attendee to the mathematics behind data acquisition e.g. Radon Transform and Raysum Collection.
  • Reconstruction - using knowledge acquired from the data acquisition session the following data reconstruction methods will be introduced: Back Projection, Filtered Back Projection, and Iterative Reconstruction.
  • CT Dosimetry (TBC)
  • Image Quality in CT - a session to consider the influence of parameters in regard to resultant image quality.
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