School of Languages and Area Studies

East Asian Learners Conference

Promoting Partnership: Responding to the Needs of the East Asian Learner in Higher Education

12-13 July 2008


DescriptionFile Size
'Getting them to participate': East Asian students' interaction with tutors in UK seminars Joan Cutting and Jianghong Feng PDF 959KB
The effectiveness of content-based instruction academic EFL writing: a pedagogical case study at Wuhan Law College, China Jianying Du PDF 530KB
Negotiating an identity in English: the discursive construction and reconstruction of Chinese students Trevor Grimshaw PDF 7336KB
"Enjoyable", "okay", or "rather pointless"? An exploration of Chinese and British students' views on innovative and traditional assignment types in UK universities Maria Leedham PDF 1370KB
Global Connections - Local Impacts: Trends and Developments in Internationalism and Cross-Border Higher Education Don Olcott, Jr. PDF 1053KB
Heuristic models: UK Supervision Experience of Masters dissertations from Chinese learners and UK supervisors Nick Pilcher PDF 264KB
Getting the most from a Masters dissertation. Learning from others' experiences Nick Pilcher PDF 566KB
Icing on the cake or a spanner in the works? Yuti Ran and Caroline Corney PDF 270KB
Intercultural rhetoric and language processing: a Hong Kong case study Alastair Sharp PDF 4220KB
2+2 Programmes with China: Potential Pitfalls and Possibilities Helen Spencer-Oatey PDF 26KB
Expectation and Experience in the East Asian Learner Paul Stocks and Stella Harvey PDF 111KB
Impact of Higher Education Expansion on Social Justice in China: A Spatial and Inter-temporal Analysis Shujie Yao, Bin Wu and Fang Su PDF 119KB
Confucius Institutes and Chinese Language Teaching in the UK George Zhang PDF 207KB
The Changing Employment Patterning in China The Chinese Students' Employability The Internationalisation of Chinese Universities Lin Zheng PDF 183KB