School of Languages and Area Studies

Translation Conference 2009

The Translator as Writer

7 November 2009

Conference proceedings

DescriptionFile Size
Translators of Pragmatic Texts and Expert Writing: A Reflection on Translator Training/Education in New Brunswick, Canada Denise Merkle (Université de Moncton) PDF 100KB
Are Technical Translators Writing Themselves Out of Existence? Jody Byrne (University of Sheffield) PDF 253KB
Untranslatability, Non-Translation, Retranslation, Creativity: A Case Study Gillian Lane-Mercier (McGill University) PDF 101KB
Translating After War: Two Issues Particular to Post-Conflict Bosnia-Herzegovinai Louise Askew (University of Nottingham) & Catherine Baker (University of Southampton) PDF 69KB
Controlled Languages for Technical Writing and Translation Stephen Crabbe (University of Portsmouth) PDF 119KB
Directing in Reverse Louise Fryer (City University) PDF 76KB