What our clients say about us

NHS managerial staff attending a course on evidence and procedure at an Employment Tribunal

“I cannot single anything out, as the whole day together was excellent.  [The instructors] are clearly experts and their knowledge of their subject made the day very informative and educational and, as with all good days, gave me food for thought.  The courtroom session is essential and, whilst I was not looking forward to it, the day would not have had such an impact if it wasn’t included.  [The staff] made it a very good and realistic experience.

An excellent team and an excellent day, thank you.”

Very informative day.  I feel that if any of my peers were to be involved in a court case/tribunal then I would be able to support and give them some advoce on what to expect.

Training like this should be made available to all NHS staff, regardless of position/seniority.”

SODEXO Site Managers attending a course on criminal law, with particular reference to Food  Safety Regulations

“Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I learnt so much about this topic.  Best course I have been on, and on that is not the norm. 

Excellent lecturer,  very knowledgeable.  This type of course should be made available to all managers. “

Excellent experience, really interesting.  An eye-opener.   Recommend all managers experience this.  Gives gravity to seriousness of our day-to-day work.  Tutor very good, informative, right and sufficient information for audience.  Great delivery with good sense of humour.  More please!”

Value Added Board 3 day course supported by the Institute of Directors for current, aspiring directors and members of the senior management team in small and medium size enterprises – Session on the Roles and Responsibilities of Directors

“Good, relatable case studies, and clear guidelines. Thought-provoking.

Covered roles and responsibilities that delegates were previously unaware of.”

“My knowledge of this side of directorship was near zero so very hugely interesting”

Mature Students attending MBA masterclass

“Your MBA lectures were well received, if anything most of us found an hour a bit short. “