Portsmouth Law School

Clinical legal education opportunities

The School of Law offers students two routes to gain clinical experience

We are very proud of our thriving clinical legal education programme within the School of Law.  These opportunities are available to students via two 40 credit final year option called The Community Lawyer and Law in Practice.  These rigorous and well-developed units are facilitated by a team of experienced lecturers and practitioners who support students through their work and learning experiences.

The Community Lawyer and Law in Practice units are popular options within our final year LLB curriculum and many of our graduates have reported that they have been a real talking point during their interviews for training contracts and other graduate roles. They also say that it helped them to grow in confidence and to develop their employability skills.

So, if you want to do any of the following, we would encourage you to think seriously about applying for the Community Lawyer unit and/or Law in Practice:

  • Develop key transferable skills
  • Identify fabulous interview material
  • Support your community
  • Develop client care skills
  • Interact with real life clients
  • Develop confidence
  • Engage in some valuable work experience
  • Develop your CV

1 The Law in Practice Unit

Students are offered the option to work in one of our two in-house clinics offering free legal advice to the local community. These experiences provide fantstic opportunities to develop your CV, use your legal knowledge in a practical setting, and make a real difference to your community.

Anu explains how as a Portsmouth University student working on the Practical unit, she is able to offer advice to members of the public.

Where do students work on the Law in Practice unit?

Students who join The Law in Practice unit can apply to work for either the General Legal Advice Centre or the Small Claims Clinic. The summaries below will give you a flavour of the type of work that students undertake in each clinic.

  • General Legal Advice Clinic

    We can give advice and help you with questions such as: What benefits am I entitled to?, how can I resolve a problem with my Landlord?, I have creditors chasing me, what can I do?, I bought a product online and it wasn’t delivered, what are my rights? This clinic offers a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge of a variety of civil law areas, develop key transferable skills, and make a real difference to individuals in the local community.

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    General Legal Advice Clinic
  • Small Claims

    This clinic will provide help and support to clients at any stage of making a County Court claim via the small claims track (generally, claims with a value of up to £10,000).

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    Small Claims

2. The Community Lawyer unit

The Community Lawyer unit offers students opportunities to work with our third sector and private sector partners, or within

  • British Red Cross

    The British Red Cross offers emotional and practical support and students will complement this by adding legal skills to the various issues.The majority of the work involves making assessments of clients’ needs and providing advisory support to asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants on issues involving immigration advice, accommodation, financial support and other rights and entitlements.

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    British Red Cross
  • Churchers Bolitho Way Solicitors

    Students will be able to work alongside solicitors providing a comprehensive range of legal services.

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    Churchers Bolitho Way Solicitors
  • Portsmouth Mediation Service

    The PMS also offers Assessment services and a range of expertise promoting facilitation and management of meetings where disputes (including complaints) are involved and it is important that the people concerned feel that they have been enabled to express their views and been heard and understood.

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    Portsmouth Mediation Service
  • Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services

    Further information to follow

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    Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services
  • Hampshire Museums Orphan Collections Project

    The Hampshire Museums Orphan Collections Project involves students working with two local museums.

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    Hampshire Museums Orphan Collections Project
  • Citizens Advice Portsmouth

    Students will undertake training to achieve the Citizens Advice Certificate in Generalist Advice Work; this is a competency based qualification which involves self-study via training packs and e-learning modules, as well as observation and shadowing of interviews and working with an experienced adviser.

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    Citizens Advice Portsmouth
  • Citizens Advice Witness Service

    Students will support witnesses in local courts. The support may involve putting the witness at ease, explaining courts procedures and generally supporting the witness through the court process.

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    Citizens Advice Witness Service
  • Swain & Co. Solicitors

    Students are offered a fantastic opportunity to obtain vital skills and experience with a legal local law firm.

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    Swain & Co. Solicitors

How do I secure a place on the Community Lawyer or Law in Practice Units?

Students may apply for a place on the Community Lawyer and/or the Law in Practice Units at the start of Level 5. If they are successful, they will complete a training programme during Level 5 so that they are ready to start work at their chosen organisation at the beginning of Level 6.

If you are interested in applying for a place on this unit, please watch the video below which explains the application process.