Small claims

This new initiative opens in September 2017.

What can I expect from the clinic

This clinic will provide free and confidential help and support to clients at any stage of making or defending a County Court claim via the small claims track (generally, claims with a value of up to £10,000).

What service can the Small Claims Clinic offer

Students will assist clients acting as litigants in person (people without legl representation) in the local area by explaining the small claims process and procedures, managing expectations, supporting clients to get ready for their hearing by helping the client to understand and preare documents and paperwork as well as getting ready for the hearing by assisting the client to gather witness statements/evidence, etc.

Students will not be able to provide representation at court

This clinic will offer students the opportunity to develop key transferable skills, learn about the court processes and procedures, whilst also making a real difference to litigants in person in the local community.


Contact details:

For further information, advice and appointments:

Telephone: 02392 844114