Portsmouth Law School

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

The Portsmouth Law School welcomes applications from candidates wishing to pursue a Higher Degree by Research. We can provide supervision across a range of areas, including Land and Property Law, National and International White Collar Crime, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Law, Corporate Governance, E-Commerce and IT Law, Constitutional Law, Equality, Human Rights and Employment Law, European Law, International Law, Legal Education, Family and Child Law, Medical Law and Ethics, and Law and Vulnerability. Information about our current PhD students can be found by clicking on the link below.

Profiles of our current PhD students.

Research degree options

We offer the opportunity to study on PhD on M.Phil pathways.

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)

Students following the M.Phil route are expected to complete the MSc in Social Research Methods and submit a thesis not exceeding 40,000 words and defend their work successfully in an oral examination (a viva). Ordinarily, full-time students would be expected to complete the M.Phil programme in 2 years (4 years if part-time).  

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD is an advanced degree requiring considerable commitment and sustained hard work over a relatively long period of time. Normally this will be a minimum of three years for full-time study (six years part-time). Students on the PhD route will normally have completed a relevant Master's degree in order to study on the PhD programme. To be awarded the PhD, the student is required to submit a thesis not exceeding 80,000 words and to defend it in an oral examination.


Potential PhD Supervisors:

Professor (Munir) AFM Maniruzzaman

Ms Caroline Strevens Reader in Legal Education

Dr Lee Roach

Joe Sekhon

Dr Michael Connolly

James Hand

Dr Panos Kapotas

Dr Marnie Lovejoy

Dr Fang Ma

Lisa Gibb

Dr Daniel Bedford

Jens Krebs

Lisa Mardikian

Dr Emily Walsh

Dr Kieran Walsh

Professor Leila Choukroune

Professor Shubhankar Dam


For more information on the research degrees we offer, including fee information please click here. For information about possible funding, please click here. To discuss research opportunities in more detail and for guidance on the proposal, please contact us.

Research Students Tutor: Dr Kieran Walsh - Email: kieran.walsh@port.ac.uk

PG research enquiries: pbsresearchdegrees@port.ac.uk