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Café Jurist

  • Date: 29 April 2015

for Cafe Jurist

Café Jurist is a new and exciting initiative organised by the School of Law at the University of Portsmouth, supported by CoffinMew.

Café Jurist is a series of six free café-style evening presentations and follow-up discussions hosted at Le Café Parisien in Portsmouth involving at each event an invited speaker presenting on a topic of broad legal importance that will attract students, academics, legal professionals, and members of the public. Its café-style format aims to take important legal and political discussion into a community-friendly and egalitarian environment.

Date Speaker Talk
29th October 2014

Professor Dave Cowan, Professor of Law and Policy, University of Bristol

Professor Cowan is also a barrister at Arden Chambers.  He has worked in the field of housing law for over 20 years, and is the author of Housing Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

Housing Justice
26th November 2014

Barbara Hewson, Barrister

1 Gray’s Inn Square

Sexual Offences Law: Too Much or Not Enough?                            

28th January 2015

Sam Bowman, Research Director            CANCELLED

Adam Smith Institute

Poor Law: Welfare in Contemporary Britain
25th February 2015

Professor Conor Gearty, LSE                       

Professor of Human Rights Law

In or Out in the European Convention on Human Rights?

25th March 2015

Professor Jonathan Wolff, Professor of Philosophy

Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities

University College London

Social Inequality and Justice
29th April 2015

Professor Susan Vinnicombe, CBE

Professor of Women and Leadership
Director, International Centre for Women Leaders

Cranfield University

Women on Boards: A Place for Law, Policy...?


20:00-20:04hrs                   Introduction of invited speaker

20:05-20:35hrs                   Presentation by invited speaker

20:36-20:45hrs                   Opportunity to refill glasses

20:46-21:30hrs                   Invited speaker takes questions/ discussion


Coordinating Team

Joanne Atkinson (until 19th January 2015)

Daniel Bedford (3 February 2015 -)

Juliet Brook

Bernard Davies

Dermot Feenan (founder, Café Jurist)

Rachel Spearing


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Please note that School of Law events may be photographed or video and audio recorded. These materials will be used for internal and external promotional purposes only by the University of Portsmouth. If you object to appearing in the photographs, please let our photographer know on the day. Alternatively you can email bsro.port.ac.uk in advance of the event that you are attending.

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