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Twenty first century firm

What you need to know to help your firm adapt and grow

As firms seek to navigate and adapt to a more uncertain and competitive world, the need to explore and share strategic management and understand  the tools, concepts and thoughts that firms and organisations are using to succeed become ever greater. There’s a plethora of ideas to explore and know about to make sure your firm can adapt and meet challenges in the legal services market and maximise its potential.

The School of Law with the Portsmouth Business School has designed three working sessions to help you address key strategic issues.

What does it cover?

The 21st Century Firm offers an initial three working sessions, each dedicated to a specific area relating to strategic management issues.

In addition, we recognise that customised sessions or one-on-one discussions may be of interest whether it is for: ‘brain storming’; diagnostics; exploring the future state in relation to the current state; problem analysis; solutions development and decision making; implementation and execution of initiatives; projects and programmes; performance improvement and management; coaching and or mentoring; team and leadership programmes, and risk management.

Session 1 - 28th February 2017

Strategy and Strategic Management

This will cover:

  • Concepts of VVMOST (Values, Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics).
  • What is Strategy and Strategic Management: Types, Nature, Why it is important?
  • The conflict and dilemmas of making strategy happen in the leadership or organisations.

Session 2 - 9th May 2017

A structured approach to the generation, assessment and evaluation of strategic options and choices

This will cover:

  • Taking a Structured Approach and why you need to focus on this? This will take the form of a discussion session.
  • Generating, Evaluating and Assessing Strategic Options and Choices.

Session 3 - 11th July 2017

Making strategies happen, change management and the role of people, culture and behaviour

This will cover:

  • Types of change (including the concept of P2B, Partnership to Behaviour).
  • Making Strategies happen and Change Management. The role of the process in Prototyping, Piloting, Initiatives, Projects and Programmes; Transition Planning and Execution.
  • The Role of People, Culture and Behaviour in making change, and introducing 'the cultural web'.

Each session will be led by Omar Saleh from Portsmouth Business School who is a practitioner academic with 42 years of experience of business in multi-national companies in over 35 countries including those such as Shell, IBM, EY, Phillips and AXA.

These practical work-shop based sessions will run from 8 – 10 am and are the equivalent of 2 CPD points.  The workshops will take place in the Boardroom, Richmond Building, Portland Street at the University of Portsmouth.

There will be a networking breakfast available.

Each session will cost £75. You can opt to book one, two or all three of these sessions, with discounts available for booking multiple sessions, or with multiple attendees.

To book your place please visit our online store.


If you require any further information, please contact Martine Eneas in the School of law, telephone 023 9284 4080.