School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Head of School

Dr Karen E. Ball Associate Head (Education)
Professor Darek Gorecki Director of Research
Dr John S Young Associate Head (Innovation & Impact) and Reader in Translational Medicine

Academic Staff

Dr Qian An Senior Lecturer
Dr Lee Banting Senior Lecturer
Dr Eugen Barbu Principal Research Fellow
Dr Nicola Barnes Senior Lecturer
Ravina Barrett Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Mrs Jo Blain Teacher Practitioner
Dr James Brown Principal Lecturer
Professor Arthur Morgan Butt Professor of Cellular Neurophysiology
Dr Mridula Chopra Senior Lecturer
Dr Paul Cox Principal Lecturer
Dr Susanne Dietrich Senior Lecturer
Mrs Nia Dobson Primary Care Teacher Practitioner
Dr Roger Draheim Senior Lecturer in Microbiology
Dr Ivor Ebenezer Principal Lecturer
Dr Sarah Fouch Senior Lecturer
Dr Roz Gibbs Principal Lecturer
Dr Sassan Hafizi Reader in Cell and Molecular Biology
Dr Helena Herrera Senior Lecturer
Mrs Helen Hull Senior Lecturer
Mr Malachi Kelly Senior Lecturer with Clinical Responsibility
Mr Gavin Knight Principal Lecturer
Dr David Laight Senior Lecturer
Dr Aikaterini Lalatsa Lecturer
Mr Michael Leech Senior Lecturer
Dr Anthony Lewis Senior Lecturer
Professor Graham Mills Professor of Environmental Chemistry
Dr Jeremy Mills Senior Lecturer
Mr Zachariah Nazar Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
Dr Michael Norris Principal Lecturer
Dr Matt Parker Senior Lecturer
Professor Geoffrey Pilkington Professor of Cellular and Molecular Neuro-Oncology and Head of Brain Tumour Research Centre
Dr Marta Roldo Senior Lecturer
Dr Asmita Sautreau Principal Lecturer
Professor Janis Shute Professor of Pharmacology
Dr Jerome Swinny Reader in Neuropharmacology
Dr John Tsibouklis Reader in Polymer Science
Dr Marisa van Der Merwe Principal Lecturer – Course Leader MPharm Pharmacy
Mr Mike Vickers Teacher Practitioner
Mr Nick Warren Senior Lecturer
Mr Paul Watson Senior Lecturer
Dr Chris Wilkinson Senior Lecturer

Technical Staff

Daniel Arthur Technician
Ms Lynn Atkinson Technician, Pharmacy Practice
Ms Lucy Baker Technical Assistant
Ms Mandy Blackburne Senior Technician, Medical Microbiology
Mr Ron Darville Technical Facilities Manager
Mrs Valene Ferrigan Senior Technician, pharmaceutics
Mr Stewart Gallacher Senior Technician in Pharmacology
Mrs Charmaine Greenwood Technical Assistant
Ms Mary Guy Technician
Ms Ana Laeo Senior Technician in Medicinal Chemistry
Mr Richard Mould Lead Technician
Ms Jill Rice Senior Specialist Technician
Mrs Julie Rogers Senior Technician, Biomedical Science
Ashleigh Smith Specialist Technician
Mr Steve Sumner Technical manager
Miss Michelle Sumner Senior Technician, Pharmacy Practice
Mr Les Thompson Lead Technician
Ms Lowrie Vayro Senior Specialist Technician
Ms Anna Vopson Technician in Medicinal/Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Ms Tanith Walder Technician
Ms Gill Whitaker Technical manager

Professional Staff

Miss Hannah Cunningham Course Administrator
Mrs Lucy Davies Course Administrator
Miss Louise Pulley Faculty Principal Finance Officer
Mr Christopher Robinson School Manager
Mrs Nicola Heath Course Administrator
Mrs Clare Whittamore Course Administrator