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Chemcatcher® passive sampling device

Chemcatcher® is a passive sampling device for monitoring pollutants in the aquatic environment. Most environmental monitoring programmes involve the periodic collection of low volume spot (bottle or grab) samples of water. This is challenging, particularly where concentrations fluctuate over time and where chemicals are only present at trace levels. The Chemcatcher® can be used to solve this problem. 

The Chemcatcher® technology has been developed over the last 20 years and has been used by academic scientists, governmental and environmental agencies and the water industry throughout the world. An easy to use and cost effective device, it can be used to monitor a wide range of pollutant classes covering most applications required in the aquatic environment.

Chemcatcher® is a patented and registered trademark in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Chemcatcher passive sampling device

Monitor a wide range of pollutants

Chemcatcher® can be used to monitor:

  • trace metals
  • nutrients
  • radionuclides
  • organo-metallics (TBT)
  • polar organics (including metaldehyde)
  • non-polar organics

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