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Environmental Chemistry Analytical Laboratory

Environmental Chemistry Analytical Laboratory

Whether you are a private company, university research laboratory or a government body, we offer a range of testing activities including onsite analytical facilities and field testing equipment. We are certified by the British Assessment Bureau to ISO 9001:2008.

Environmental chemistry testing

Chemical analysis

The Environmental Chemistry Analytical Laboratory, located in Portsmouth, can be used to analyse water samples (from seawater and freshwater to drinking and wastewater), sediments, soils and biological samples for a range of parameters:

  • Dissolved inorganic nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, dissolved silicon and ammonium)
  • Elemental analysis for metals
  • Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur (CHNS) in solid samples
  • A range of physico-chemical water quality properties
  • Biological analysis (chlorophyll and pheophytin)
  • A suite of organic contaminants

Your results will be provided in a comprehensive and clear report, and we'll also provide interpretation and recommendations on request. If you need guidance, our specialists will give you advice and recommend the right tests needed for your particular project. For more information about our onsite facilities visit environmental chemistry analysis laboratory within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences website.

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