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Biomaterials Research Laboratory


We offer access to our excellent facilities and broad research and development expertise in biomaterials and material characterisation.

Our modern laboratories host the necessary equipment for a broad range of work, including physico-chemical characterisation of biocompatible products, product testing/troubleshooting, synthetic chemistry and formulation.

With a wide range of techniques available and significant expertise in the field of material preparation and characterisation, we can provide advice and affordable, tailored solutions to complex product-related problems.

We offer consultancy and bespoke analytical or contract R&D services for the characterisation and development of a wide range of materials, such as:

  • films and surface analysis (contact angle goniometry, spectroscopic analysis, optical and atomic force microscopy);
  • analysis of polymeric biomaterials including gels, thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers (spectroscopic, thermal);
  • analysis of powders and colloidal suspensions (stability, particle sizing);
  • product texture analysis (pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics);
  • product thermal characterisation (stability, identification, quality control);
  • product performance and stability investigations; product formulation and optimisation (requiring dialysis, freeze-drying, or spray drying).

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