Scientific Testing and Research Facilities

Bra Testing

Breast health scientific testing and product evaluation services

Consumers deserve the best in breast support. We can provide scientific bra testing services to help you develop the best product possible. Our international reputation is built on years of experience investigating the performance of bras and support, both for scientific purposes and in collaboration with brands around the world. As world-leading experts in breast biomechanics, we can help you inform future product design, development and marketing.

Breast Health Research

Our bra testing services can be used to:

  • Scientifically test your products so you understand how they are performing in terms of support and comfort
  • Gain a competitive advantage by testing your competitors products
  • Get feedback on how your products can be improved
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the breast support requirements for different populations, breast sizes, and functions (from maternity bras to teen bras)

For more details of our packages and services, visit Breast Health Research.

Testing facilities for breast health

The University's Department of Sport and Exercise Science has invested in the following facilities for our research, and we are able to make these available to external organisations:

  • The latest motion-capture facilities to investigate the biomechanics of the breast
  • Two laboratories
  • Systems that monitor human movement, muscle activity, pressure and force application, mechanical strain and thermal regulation, while simulating daily or sporting activities
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Breast Science Workshops

The Research Group in Breast Health run bi-annual one-day workshops on ‘The science behind breasts and bras’. This workshop will offer you the chance to expand your knowledge and understanding of the science behind breasts and bras. You will learn about breast anatomy, the problems with breasts and the science behind how the breast moves. The workshop also presents the latest cutting edge research in breast biomechanics, breast support (both sports bras and everyday bras) and bra fit. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from the world leaders in this area!The Research Group in Breast Health is in a unique position to be able to offer this exciting course, where information on the science of breasts and bras gained from research experience can be shared with bra manufacturers, designers, healthcare professionals and many other interested parties. There is currently no other workshop available on the market which is able to provide up-to-date and relevant information in this area.

Our next workshop will take place in April 2018 - more details to come soon. Additionally we offer tailored workshops to meet the needs of the audience. To register your interest for our workshops, or for more information, please contact Dr Jenny Burbage

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