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Human Performance Unit

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The Human Performance Unit uses our unique facilities and expertise in the area of Human Performance and Environmental Physiology. We have assisted sports people from recreational level to multiple Olympic Champions and helped many individuals prepare for challenging environments. Two types of service are available: 1) Physiological Assessment; 2) Heat Acclimation.

Physiological Assessment consists of monitoring the physiological responses to sub-maximal and maximal exercise. These types of test will be of interest to anyone interested in finding out more about their physiology and identifying areas of strength or weakness, and are useful for guiding, monitoring, and evaluating training programmes.

Three Physiological Assessment packages are available:

Bronze Maximal incremental exercise (ventilatory threshold and VO2max).
Silver i) Sub-maximal exercise test (lactate threshold, heart rate training zones, economy/efficiency); ii) maximal incremental exercise test (VO2max).
Gold i) Basic haematology (haemoglobin, haematocrit); ii) body composition (restricted ISAK profile); iii) sub-maximal exercise test (lactate threshold, heart rate training zones, economy/efficiency, fatmax); iv) maximal incremental exercise test (VO2max).

The ability to perform prolonged exercise is impaired in hot environments. However, repeated frequent exposure to a hot environment enables an individual to adapt and is generally the most effective tool for improving performance in the heat. Heat acclimation, that is the adaption to heat in the laboratory, consists of elevating your deep body temperature to ~ 38.5°C through exercising in a hot environment and then maintaining it at this elevated level for a ~ 1 hour. We offer two heat acclimation packages:

3 × 90 minute session package

5 × 90 minute session package

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