Overseas travel

Procedures for travelling overseas on University business

1. Obtain authorisation for your trip

Without exception, overseas travel must be formally approved in principle by the Head of Department and/or Line Manager. This is by means of authorised FIN1 (staff) or FIN30 (student). If the trip is being financed by an external organisation and therefore does not require a FIN1/ FIN30, authorisation from the Head of Department and/or Line Manager must still be sought.

2. Read and accept the Occupational Health information for overseas travellers

You must read and accept the Occupational Health information for overseas travellers.

3. Complete the Travel Overseas Form (and Risk Assessment)

All members of staff and Postgraduate or MRes Research students travelling overseas MUST complete the Travel Overseas Form as early as possible (preferably 6 weeks prior to travel). Undergraduate students must complete the Permission to Travel Form

If your trip is arranged at short notice, you must still complete the Travel Overseas Form. In this event, please also contact the University Insurance Officer as a matter of urgency to ensure that you have completed all the obligatory requirements for your trip and to determine requirements for risk assessment

The risks of the country being visited should be considered for all trips and a copy of your itinerary, contact phone number and accommodation details logged with your department. All travellers must register on our insurers travel advice website Drum Cussac and download/print off a Country Report for the places being visited.

Higher risk destinations will require a full risk assessment to be completed and submitted. Please visit the risk assessment webpage to download the forms and for full advice on completing and submitting your assessment.  

4. Obtain the necessary documents for visa applications / Book your travel 

Many visa application forms request the dates of travel, port of entry and flight details so it is advisable to research flights and hotels before you apply for the visa. You must take into account the time required for processing the visa. The documents required vary, depending on your nationality and which country you are visiting. 

Please remember that you will require trip approval from the University Insurance Officer if you have completed a risk assessment to travel to a high risk destination and that the assessment requires flight and hotel information. 

Contact the University International Office if you require advice on applying for visas.

Please read the advice on the following pages to ensure you have everything you need for your trip: