Study Abroad

Outgoing Students


  • Host institution: The institution you will attend while studying abroad
  • Home institution: The institution you will obtain your degree from (University of Portsmouth)
  • Inter-institutional agreement:  An agreement between two departments within two Higher Education institutions participating in the Erasmus programme. The agreement specifies the validity of the exchange of students  and monitors the amount of student exchanges permitted. (This is sometimes referred to by its former name -  bilateral agreement)
  • European Commission: The executive body of the European Union which implements decisions, proposes legislation, and manages the day-to-day business within the Union. The Erasmus+ programme is funded and regulated by the European Commission.
  • UK Erasmus+ National Agency: The UK National Agency for Erasmus+ is a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK. The British Council is responsible for the Higher Education part of the programme. 

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