Study Abroad

Outgoing Students

Money Matters

  • Student Loans Company (SLC): Students who go abroad can still apply for their maintainance grant and tuition fee loan as usual. However, you will need to notify the SLC about this by completing the appropriate boxes to demonstrate that the period spent will be abroad. You may also be entitled to a higher maintainance grant for your study abroad period. More information can be found on Directgov website.  

  • Living Costs: This depends entirely on your lifestyle. If you are going on a study placement, check the host institution's website as they may provide recommendations and an estimated breakdown of living costs. If you are going on a work placement, you may wish to ask your employer but you must research living costs independently as well.

  • Administration fees: The host institution should not request any administration/tuition fees from Exchanges/Erasmus+ students. (If this happens, please let us know as soon as possible). However, small fees may be charged for costs such as insurance, photocopies, books etc which even local students will be required to cover.

  • Financial support: By participating in the Erasmus+ programme, you will benefit from receiving an Erasmus+ grant. This grant is a contribution towards any extra costs incurred while abroad. Please note that this should not be considered as your main income and you should not depend on this to pay primary expenses such as rent, food and bills. The Erasmus+ grant depends on the type (study or work) and country of placement.

  • Bank account: When you apply for Erasmus+ eligibility and funding, you must provide your bank details so that we can process the payment whilst you are on your Erasmus+ placement. If you open a bank account in the country you will be studying/working and you wish to receive the grant into that account, you must notify the Exchanges and Study Abroad team as soon as possible by completing the Payment Details Form during the first two weeks of your placement. This may not be always feasible so please contact the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team to confirm.  It is also advisable to apply for Online Banking before departing for the host country so that you can keep track of your finances while abroad.

  • Erasmus Widening Participation grant: Students who are participating under the Erasmus+ scheme on a study placement, and recognised under the National Agency's and the University of Portsmouth's criteria, can receive a top-up grant of €100 per month. For more information, please visit the UK Erasmus+ National Agency's website.