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Rafferty Abbott, BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

Erasmus+ graduate traineeship: SEK International School, Barcelona, Spain, 2014-15

"Had it not been for the enthusiasm and encouragement of the Exchanges and Study Abroad team, I would not have undertaken the traineeship. The experience has proven invaluable, not only on an interpersonal level which really makes you aware of how different the world can be, but on a professional one as well. Working or studying abroad, regardless of whether you're studying languages or not, provides you with the opportunity to advance yourself through cultural appreciation and language acquisition. My time abroad demonstrated to employers that I possessed this international capacity.".


Elizabeth Barnes, BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

Erasmus+ study placement: Heidelberg University, Germany, 2014-15

"The fact that I could participate on the Erasmus+ programme increased my course I was able to go on a thesis preparation basis, which enables me to gain access to other academic resources contributing to my final year project. The host institution made me feel welcome right away and although there were differences in the labs from Portsmouth, it was an enjoyable experience. I'd recommend a study or work abroad experience as part of your degree. Not only do you gain or enhance linguistic skills but you also encounter other ways of thinking and get to work on other interesting and related areas too. It opened my eyes to new possibilities, showing me what other are studying, and helping me discover more about myself and what I'm interested in pursuing in the future.".