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Erasmus+ Training Mobility

Essential Documents

Please refer to the step-by-step guide below and to the Annual Timeline (pdf) (available soon) for application deadlines to ensure that your funding claim can be successfully submitted. We advise that trips are rarely approved at short notice. All queries regarding this process must be sent to

Step-by-step guide for applicants

The funding for the Erasmus+ programme is provided by the European Commission and therefore subject to an independent set of regulations.  These requirements are the basis for the process detailed below.  All stages must be completed to ensure that funding claims can be processed. 

Step 1: Obtain authorisation for your trip

  • Contact the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team to confirm that there is a valid exchange programme in place and that the place has not already been allocated to another member of staff
  • Contact your Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator, your Head of Department and the authorised contact at the partner institution with your proposed 'Work Plan'.  They must ALL approve your work plan and mobility arrangements before any further steps can be taken.

Step 2: Obtain University approval for travel

All members of staff intending to travel overseas on University business must follow the University procedures for staff travelling overseas. Please note that this may include completing a Risk Assessment - you must allow sufficient time for this prior to travel.  Please contact Kim Hadley in the International Office (ext.5110) for advice.

Step 3: Complete a Mobility Grant Agreement

Complete the Mobility Grant Agreement and forward a signed hard copy with the fully authorised 'Mobility Agreement for Training' to the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team.

Step 4: Confirm approval for Erasmus funding

  • Confirm details of available funding with the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team to ensure that estimated expenditure does not exceed the maximum allowance. Full details of current funding guidelines can be obtained from the team
  • A clear distinction must be made on all forms between travel costs (to and from destination) and subsistence/accommodation/local travel costs.  Authorisation must be obtained from both your department and the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team.

Please note:  Any part of the claim that is not eligible under Erasmus+ regulations or that exceeds the maximum allowance cannot be guaranteed for funding by the scheme and must be covered by either a departmental budget or by the participant.

Step 5: Complete follow-up Erasmus+ paperwork (on your return)

The following paperwork must be provided to the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team within 30 days of your return or by 10 July - whichever is the sooner:

  • Confirmation of completion - signed and stamped by the partner institution
  • A completed Teaching Report Form (online form generated by an automatic email sent to the participant's University email account)

Step 6: Final authorisation for your expenses claim

A completed Erasmus+ expenses spreadsheet must be submitted electronically prior to the FIN1, to FIN1s will not be processed if the spreadsheet has not been received. 

The completed FIN1 and all receipts must be submitted within 30 days of your return or by 10 July, whichever is sooner.

Claims for expenses under the Erasmus+ scheme are subject to external regulations. Funding cannot be guaranteed for items that are not receipted or that exceed the current funding guidelines.  The completed FIN1 must substantiate the claim on that basis.

Please note that final authorisation for claims for Erasmus+ funding must come from the Exchanges and Study Abroad Team.