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backgroundThe University’s Wellbeing and Engagement working group was set up in the spring of 2011 as a result of the findings of a Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) funded project on the impact of wellbeing and engagement on higher education staff.

The group ascertained what wellbeing and engagement activities were already in existence for staff throughout various services and departments, and a plan was formulated to draw these initiatives together. This has resulted in the wellbeing web pages - a centralised, focused resource for staff.

The group continue to work further to develop a wellbeing and engagement strategy and to develop further the University’s culture as an employer and community of learning and research, enabling and encouraging staff to perform to the best of their abilities.

Wellbeing and engagement encompasses a variety of areas, but is ultimately to what extent we are ‘…healthy, happy, contented, comfortable and satisfied with one’s quality of life...’ (Waddell & Burton (2006).

There is an increasing body of evidence that employee wellbeing and engagement has a direct relationship with positive business outcomes... For universities, these outcomes relate to students, innovations, research and a thriving university. Healthy, engaged employees will deliver a better student experience, better teaching and more innovative work’

Professor Dame Carol Black DBE MD FRCP FmedSci
Dame Carol Black, Wellbeing; Improving performance through wellbeing and engagement – essentials tools for a changing HE landscape, 2011.

Dame Carol Black is the National Director for Health and Work, Department for Work and Pensions. In 2007 she was commissioned by the Secretaries of State for Health and Work and Pensions to undertake a review of the working age population of Britain. Dame Carol produced a report Working for a healthier tomorrow, which identified how health impacts upon the government, society and the economy, the aim being to make recommendations regarding improving the health of our working age population. Within this, the role of the workplace in the health and wellbeing of staff was examined. (Source; Department of Health).

Dame Carol is a supporter of the Wellbeing and engagement in Higher Education project, co-funded by HEFCE.


These web pages have been developed to draw together and add to a wide variety of information about health and wellbeing information, initiatives, events, values and promotions, offering an accessible clearly signposted resource for staff. It also directs staff towards further internal web pages and valuable external websites.


The Health and Wellbeing web pages were developed by the Wellbeing and Engagement working group:

Wellbeing and Engagement Working Group

Bernie Topham (Chair)  Chief Operating Officer
Chris Burke-Hynes  IT Systems & Relocations Co-ordinator
Anna Clodfelter Chief Executive, UPSU
Simon Coleman University Chaplain
Alison Couch Internal Communications Manager
Tracy Elliott Learning and Development Adviser
Louise Harrower Occupational Health Service & Wellbeing Co-ordinator
Rosemary Jane Senior Teaching Fellow, SLAS
Nick Leach  Head of Catering
Fern Lewis Head of Student Opportunities, UPSU
Amanda Martin Occupational Health Manager
Lynda Martin Deputy Health & Safety Manager
Jeannette May Deputy Director of HR and People Services
Denise Meyer Interim Head of Wellbeing (Counselling & Mental Health)
Maruska Pinches HR Administrator
Lucy Sharp Director of Curriculum & Quality
Dave Small Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Chris Smith Advice Centre Manager, UPSU
Paul Tilley Head of Sport & Recreation
David Wright Health & Safety Manager

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The Health and Wellbeing web pages are a useful focus for staff and the group would welcome your input to improve them further.

If you have any comments regarding these pages please email Jeannette May:

Jeannette May
Deputy Director of HR and People Services
Telephone: +44 (0)2392845510