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PregnancyThe Health and Safety Executive define a ‘new or expectant mother’ as an employee who is pregnant, who has given birth within the previous six months, or who is breastfeeding.

Risk Assessment for new and expectant mothers

The University has a New and Expectant Mothers Policy which details the University’s responsibilities. However, it is the staff member’s responsibility to inform their line manager of their pregnancy in order that a risk assessment can be performed. Managers should conduct this assessment as soon as notification is given of pregnancy as there may be physical, biological and chemical agents, working processes and conditions that the staff member could be at risk from, and changes may need to be made to their work in order to ensure their health and safety.

Risk Assessment for New and Expectant Mothers

The form is to be retained by the relevant department and not sent to the Occupational Health Service unless there are any problems. In this case please refer the individual to Occupational Health Service and enclose a copy of the assessment.

The Human Resources Department have family friendly policies which cover topics such as maternity and paternity, adoption, parental leave, time off for dependants and flexible working.

Further sources of advice and guidance

NHS Choices
Health & Safety Executive (HSE)