General Information


smokingIt is well known that smoking and passive smoking have serious and far reaching health implications. Since 1 July 2007, under provisions of the Health Act 2006, all enclosed public places must operate a no smoking policy. The University is required by law under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees whilst at work - a safe working environment which poses no risk to the health of its users.

Staff, students, customers, contractors and visitors are asked to respect the rights of others to enjoy a smoke-free environment. View the University’s No Smoking Policy for more information.

Quitting smoking

Individuals should contact their local 'Healthy Living' Pharmacy which is most major chains e.g. Boots, Lloyds, Laly's etc, smaller independent pharmacies are not included.  For the cost of a prescription (£8.40 - if an individual is not on benefits) an assessment will be done and 2 types of nicotine replacement therapy can be tried over a course of 4 weeks, this period can be extended if necessary.

Sources of guidance and advice

Smoking Cost Calculator
NHS Smokefree
NHS Choices
Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)(login using the username UPuser)