General Information

Healthy workplace

healthyworkplaceThe University is keen to maintain a healthy workplace. Several of our services have useful information to support a healthy working environment:

Occupational Health Service

The Occupational Health Service aims to prevent ill health in the workplace by:

  • advising individuals and managers about the effect of work on health
  • preventing and monitoring occupational illness and disease through health surveillance, ergonomics and effective HR management systems
  • managing the effects of health on work
  • advising on management of work-related aspects of illnesses, helping staff make informed choices re lifestyle issues

Visit the Occupational Health Service web pages for more information.

Health and safety

The Health and Safety Office helps to maintain a healthy workplace by anticipating and recognising threats, assessing exposure to hazards, managing risk, developing and prioritising strategies for improvements, using the hierarchy of control and implements them, whilst considering resources and sustainability.

The Health and Safety web pages contain information on chemical, biological and physical hazards, workplace safety, health surveillance and much more.

Employee assistance

The University provides an Employee Assistance Programme for staff, offering a free, confidential helpline which provides unlimited access to advice, information and telephone or face-to-face counselling where appropriate.

For more information visit

If you’re outside of work, go to and type the University’s unique user name UPuser (case sensitive).

Equality and diversity

The Equality and Diversity team ensures that the University meets its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 by eliminating unlawful discrimination, advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations. The team also works to ensure the University is a inclusive, open and welcoming environment for both staff and students, where difference is valued and embraced. Such an environment helps to maintain a healthy workplace.

For more information visit the Equality and Diversity web pages.

Bullying and harassment

A network of harassment advisers is available to help all students and staff who feel they may have been bullied or have themselves been accused of bullying.

For more information visit the Anti - Bullying and Harassment Adviser web pages.

Learning and Development

The Human Resources department offers a range of development opportunities for all staff. To take advantage of courses and programmes, or to discuss your development needs, visit the Staff Development web pages.

Sport and recreation

The Department of Sport and Recreation offer many opportunities for staff to exercise in the gym or in fitness classes, seek advice from personal trainers or take part in team sport.

For more information visit the University Sport & Recreation web pages.


The many refectories and coffee shops on campus offer healthy food for staff and students. For more information on this and the Food on Campus loyalty scheme visit the Catering Services web pages.

For information on the Food on Campus loyalty scheme visit

Trade Unions

The University recognises two unions to support members of staff. For more information visit: