General Information

Communicating with students

Ensuring an excellent student experience is one of the aims of the University. A major part of that experience relates to how we communicate with our students. Below is some of the material that new students receive before they arrive here and in their first weeks. Staff may find this useful information for their own benefit or to use with their students.

Before students arrive

Communication with new students begins in the summer when we launch the Welcome to Portsmouth website ( The site is designed to encourage new students to gather as much information as possible before they arrive to help them prepare for University life.

New students will receive their Welcome Notebook when they confirm their place in August. The Notebook is sent with the Welcome Letter which provides details of their course induction and an invitation to their parents/guardians to attend the Parents' Welcome Weekend.

Students will register online and will find instructions in their Welcome Notebook and on the Welcome to Portsmouth webpages. Please advise any students to visit and follow the steps to get their computer account, register online and apply for their student card.

When students arrive

The Student Handbook for 2017 provides a summary of rules, regulations and guidelines for new students.

The Student Charter 2017 details our commitment to our students' learning experience at Portsmouth and in return our expectations of their commitment to themselves, their fellow students and to the University and community.

The purpose of the University Student Handbook is to tell students about University procedures, regulations and services, and a glossary is provided.

Please use these publications during induction of new students, and refer to them where needed throughout the year.‌

Student Opinion Panel

To assist in ensuring good practice in student communication and to assess the provision of a variety of student services, volunteers will be recruited to the Student Opinion Panel. The panel will consist of cross-section of all types of students studying in various modes and members will be asked to complete surveys or attend focus groups in return for vouchers or the chance to win prizes.

Future improvements

We are always looking to improve our communication with students, therefore if you have any comments, suggestions or queries please contact:

Alison Couch, Internal Communications Manager