General Information

Secondary channels

There are several secondary channels available to staff for communication with students. These are secondary channels as they are not as frequently viewed as the primary channels and therefore should not be relied upon when it is essential that messages are received and understood, but should be used as reminders of useful information:

Plasma screens

There are many plasma screens across the campus that are currently managed by individual departments or services. The screens display a range of messages from operational level items such as room changes to global messages such as promoting the National Student Survey. Screens can also be used during a serious incident.

If you would like to broadcast a message on all plasma screens please contact Internal Communications via The team will then liaise with IS and faculties to have your messages promoted.

Notice boards

There are many notice boards across the campus displaying information for students. Staff with responsibility for the maintenance of notice boards in their department should ensure that information is advertised in a timely manner and, importantly, is removed when out of date.

Printed material

Many departments and services need to produce printed material for use by students. Should you wish to produce any printed material, you are reminded of the Corporate Identity Guidelines (new guidelines coming soon) and asked to contact Corporate Communications via to discuss your requirements.

Text messaging

The University has a text messaging system for use during serious incidents only, managed by the Serious Incident Management Team.

In some areas of the University staff are using text messaging systems to communicate with students. Staff are reminded that the use of mobile phone numbers for such purposes is subject to the University's Data Protection regulations. Staff are required to ensure that:

  • students have clearly given consent for their data to be used for this purpose
  • students are given an obvious method of opting-out at any time of receiving information via text message
  • a list is maintained of those students who have opted-out and no further text messages are sent

If you have any concerns regarding appropriate use of student mobile phone numbers please contact Alison Couch, Internal Communications Manager or Samantha Hill, Complaints and Information Disclosure Officer.


Moodle is the virtual learning environment and is a channel for learning and teaching material. It is mainly used for learning and teaching messages.

Student Portal

The student portal ( is the central area for a range of information for students including class details, timetables, exam results and personal data.

The portal can be used to broadcast messages, however as students only log on to the portal occasionally it is not recommended as a main communication channel and is not be relied upon to reach students in a timely manner.