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How to be a Better Communicator

How to be a Better Communicator

These pages are all about communication and employee engagement and can be used by any member of staff, but particularly managers, as a guide should you need to refer to sections to deal with any situation.

The pages are largely based on information from an inspirational book, How to be a Better Communicator, by David Oliver and Chris Carey. The pages contain almost 150 easy to read nuggets of advice covering key aspects of leadership communication, including communicating during change, team meetings, developing a personal style and understanding the audience.

Sections also cover practical skills such as better presentations, effective email and writing. The main sections taken from the book are supplemented with practical information about communicating at the University of Portsmouth plus some further studies, examples and theories.

As a manager, you may already be doing many of the things listed, but there should be some ideas and suggestions you haven’t tried before. Communicating and engaging with staff is one of the toughest things for any leader to get right, and while these pages don’t pretend to have all the answers, they may help make things a little easier.

Although targeted at managers, the information contained here will be of use to all staff, particularly some of the sections on dealing with change, effective email and writing skills.

Use the navigation on the left to view the various topics covered. The Staff Communications Policy details how we communicate at the University of Portsmouth. You might also be interested in the Staff Email Policy.

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