General Information

Media Advice for staff

The Press and PR team is staffed by experienced professionals who can provide advice and help when members of staff are dealing with the media. We can media train as well as give advice and guidance for interview preparation.

Publication of your grant wins, research, and student and staff successes enhances the reputation of the University and your department or school and demonstrates impact. Please contact the Press and PR team at any time to discuss a potential news story or an approach from the media.

  • If you are contacted by the media and are able to help them, try to respond quickly, at least within the hour.
  • Journalists need factual information (eg. statistics, results, examples) and ‘colour’ (eg. quotes, analogies, anecdotes, personal experience). The best way of preparing for the majority of media interviews is to have gathered both facts and ‘colour’ in your mind in advance. The Press and PR team can help you prepare relevant examples.
  • Please alert the Press and PR team if you have a journalist or film crew visiting you on campus.

For more specific guidance on dealing with media queries please see: