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Media training

The Press & PR team have considerable expertise at managing media and can support you whether you are receiving dozens of calls from journalists or if you have never spoken to a journalist and are unsure whether your current research project has news value.

We can also arrange for you to attend an on-campus media training day with working national journalists.

Training days are run for mixed groups of six to eight academics and senior support staff and offer an opportunity to learn what journalists want; how to work with them for the best possible results; how to speak about your work in lay terms; and at least two opportunities to practice being interviewed in ‘live studio’ conditions. The trainers also provide one-to-one feedback.

Those who attend media training days say it sharpened their skills and increased their confidence immeasurably.

If you would like to take part in the next available media training session please contact the Press and PR team

It is worth noting that some research councils provide free media training to all grant holders. For example:





While others discuss the value of public engagement. For example: