General Information

Support/Professional Services Staff Conference 2017


Working Collaboratively to Achieve our Goals

The University’s Support/Professional Services Staff Conference took take place on Thursday 5 January 2017 in Richmond Building.

The conference aims were to:

  • Celebrate how staff work together across the institution to achieve our strategic goals.
  • Inspire and encourage delegates to continue to make the University a great place to work, both for themselves and others.
  • Share information and resources that can help improve and promote collaborative working.
  • Provide an opportunity for staff to meet with other colleagues they may not normally come into contact with

The conference was opened by Graham Galbraith and included two rounds of parallel sessions each on a different subject. As well as parallel sessions we ran a 'speed networking' event and the event closed with a student and staff question panel.

We are pleased to share the presentations (internal only) from the day (including the parrallel sessions).

The feedback received has been extremely positive, some of the comments can be found below:

"The Nifty Networking was presented really well, and met my expectations for obtaining tools to deal with networking.  This was then followed by the Speed Networking event which again was really useful, especially having completed the Nifty Networking prior to this event.  I found one person I met with that I wouldn't necessarily come in contact with, and although she is new, I think I will be contacting her in the future for possible shadowing"

"I learned a bit more about relevant topics such as cash handling, student finance, and the break out session on coaching gave me some new ideas. The speedy networking was fun too!"

"The mentoring and social media sessions were both really informative. It is always interesting to hear from UEB about their direction/focus for the upcoming year" 

"I particularly enjoyed the Social Media parallel session because the information will enhance what we do in our department"

"The mental health session was really helpful. I am actually going to follow this up with the Chaplaincy and Student Wellbeing services in order to provide better support and guidance to my students"

"The whole event makes me feel valued as an employee and I do always learn something new and meet colleagues that I wouldn't ordinarily have contact with"

"Talks from the technical support staff were very interesting and good to know what colleagues are doing. The talk on My Port was very helpful as was the speed presentations at the start of the conference"

"I particularly enjoyed the speed networking - although I thought I would not.  The slides and presentations at the beginning of the conference were also excellent as we were provided with snap/brief bite size pieces of information"

Members of the 2017 Support Staff Conference Working Group:

  • Gareth Morgan, Faculty Manager (Chair)
  • Helen Keetch, Learning and Development Adviser, HR (Conference Organiser)
  • Claire Unwin Reed, Business Architect
  • Peter Coxhead – Technical Manager - School of Biological Sciences
  • Lisa White - Staff Development Adviser - University Library
  • Lee Mingay – Student Recruitment Officer
  • Louisa Caine – Faculty Registrar – Humanities
  • Lisa Egan – Press Officer
  • Louise Bragg – Team Leader International Support
  • Kimberley Spencer, HR Administrative Assistant (Information Fair)