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Parallel Session Summaries

Nifty Networking! - How to Enhance Your Ability to Network*

This is a practical and interactive session that will give you the tools to improve and enhance your networking skills.

The session will encourage you to……

  • Reflect on what you hope to achieve from networking
  • Introduce some ideas for conversation openers
  • Consider various opportunities to network and your current network
  • Consider the value and benefit of wider University skills and knowledge

Athena SWAN Supporting Support Staff*

Athena Swan is a robust and challenging framework which aims to tackle gender inequality in Higher Education. This interactive session aims not just to inform staff about Athena SWAN but to learn from their experiences as support staff. What are the key issues facing staff at the University and how can we address them? What actions can we take that will help us move forward? Learning from this session will inform the drafting of the University's submission for Athena SWAN Bronze status under the extended principles in November 2017.

Understanding and Working Through Change

Introduction to Prosci’s ADKAR® Model:

Individuals make changes successfully when they have the necessary Awareness, Desire   Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement to do so.  Users of Prosci’s ADKAR Model have the outcome-orientation to change that enables successful personal transitions and achievement of organisational results. This short introduction to focuses on the five key building blocks that form the basis of the Prosci® ADKAR® Model.

Working Collaboratively To Achieve Our Own Wellbeing -A Focus on Mental Health*

This session will fully inform you about the resources and services on offer at the University of Portsmouth to support your own Mental Health Wellbeing and that of your colleagues and students. In this collaborative and interactive approach you’ll hear from experts in Occupational Health, Student Wellbeing and the Chaplaincy.

Getting to Know our Technical Staff -1/Getting to Know our Technical Staff- 2*

Do you want to know more about the role of a technician? Discover the diverse range of services covered by the university’s technical team by looking at a snapshot of internal and external projects driven by University of Portsmouth Technician’s.

Working Collaboratively and Sharing Best Practice-1 /Sharing Best Practice -2*

The ever changing needs of the university's customers mean we need to continuously improve the support that we provide. There is lots of great work going on around the university to improve the customer experience, but often we don't get a chance to hear about what our colleagues in other departments do. The Delivering Excellence programme is an opportunity for staff to share the excellent service they provide and focus on developing a service initiative in the form of a project. This parallel session focuses on 5 of those presentations with emphasis on work that was produced via collaboration with other university colleagues, or can be shared as an example of service that could be applied in other departments.

Coaching To Achieve Our Goals*

An interactive and thought provoking session, providing an opportunity to explore:

  • What is Coaching?
  • Can I / Do I coach?
  • The astonishing results and positive outcomes of Coaching.

MyPort – Changing Service Delivery Across The University*

The MyPort session will aim to give an update on the background of, and reasons for the programme, as well as show how the new digital service is being used. We will also take a look ahead at what changes are being planned.

Working With Social Media to Achieve Our Goals*

We live in a world of digital by default, something that can be capitalised upon by companies, institutions and individuals alike. This session will look at the future of the University on social media, what we as staff can do to support this as well as using social media to build your own profile and progress your career. Whether you want to make your LinkedIn profile sparkle, engage with more people on Twitter, or simply want to understand what the University is doing so you can use best practice to support this, this session can offer insight into the world of social media. 

* Internal only