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Parallel Sessions

Celebrate our community – volunteering

An opportunity to hear about a sample of staff volunteering activities that can enhance your job satisfaction, develop your skills, further your career opportunities and contribute to the local community – all at the same time. 

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Celebrate our customers – Delivering Excellence 

An opportunity to learn more about the Delivering Excellence Programme, and explore how being a customer service 'two percenter' can positively impact your working life. One of our delegates will also share how Delivering Excellence made brilliant changes to their role.

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Celebrate our diversity

An opportunity to explore how we can all play our part in supporting and meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse community of students and staff and help promote an inclusive University.

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Celebrate our campus

An opportunity to see some of the developments around campus, hear from some of the people that work in the buildings and how they make a difference to students and staff.

Celebrating improvements – more value from our systems

Do we have too many systems? Do we get value from them? Are we duplicating effort? Why does the way we work sometimes not make sense? Are you banging your head against a brick wall trying to do something that should be easy?

In this session, we'll look at a current University case study where reviewing processes and systems in one area is helping to create and drive an improvement agenda for involved departments. We'll also discuss how this thinking and approach can benefit the University more widely as well as progress being made.

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Celebrating the knowledge we have

Staff within the University know and use a lot of information on a daily basis – information about people, courses, research topics, systems, buildings, services. This session is an opportunity to consider best practice in processing all of this information including security and records management tips, to show how this reflects our professionalism and helps to avoid mistakes.

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Celebrating mistakes

An opportunity to explore how to develop resilience to challenge and failure, a key characteristic in achieving success. You will explore how celebrating mistakes and the learning from them can help to create a learning culture at work. Celebrating mistakes is a technique that originates from a psychology theory called 'self-theories of intelligence', known as ‘mindsets’. We hope to help you to understand your own mindset and look at how mindset impacts outcomes, particularly during times of challenge, when we are prone to making mistakes. 

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Celebrate our technology – helping us do our job

An opportunity to explore how current and new technologies are changing and challenging behaviour, culture and practise in our workplace. Using actual examples of how we are successfully adapting technology to assist our day-to-day work, we will encourage you to embrace the opportunities that surround us and hopefully remove some of the fears that we all have.

Finally, let’s share our thoughts on how technology is shaping our future.

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Celebrate our wellbeing

An opportunity to listen to one staff member's personal journey and explore options and pathways available to all staff to help maintain personal wellbeing.

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