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See me after class! Quiz Night
Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:18:00 BST

See me after class!

Quiz Night

Date: Thursday 21st May 2015

Time: 6.00pm (quiz starts at 7.00 pm)

Venue: The Hub, Dennis Sciama Building


Well done to all the teams that took part in the quiz. Here are the results:

1st  It's our Wedding Anniversary. Can we Win, Please? 103 points [Hope you enjoyed your prize - a box of retro sweets]

2nd  Quiz me Hardy  98 points

3rd  The Semolina Six!!  93 points

4th  Teacher's Pet  90.25 points

5th  Admissions Impossible, Featuring Tom (Cruise)  79 points

6th  St. Radigan's School for Challenging Children  72 points

7th  The Slashers  72 points

8th  E is for Idiot  70.5 points

Thanks to all those who went to so much trouble to dress for the occasion. The prize for best dressed team went to St. Radigan's School for Challenging Children. It was the matching jumpers and school badges that did it!