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Harassment, bullying and intimidation

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The University is committed to tackling all forms of bullying and harassment and other unacceptable behaviours and ensuring that we treat each other with dignity and respect.

The Policy gives a clear direction to all and will help us to continue to value all members of our community by providing a fair, supportive and discrimination-free environment that promotes equality of opportunity for staff, students and others and values diversity.

University Harassment Adviser Network

A network of harassment advisers is available to help all students and staff who feel they may have been bullied or have themselves been accused of bullying.

The advisers will inform you of your options and offer support, they will never tell you what to do. That decision is always yours.

All discussions with a harassment adviser are confidential, and brief records of their discussions will be recorded only for statistical purposes. This information is anonymous and will be held in complete confidence.

If you would like a confidential discussion please contact any of the advisers below.

Harassment Adviser Network
Julie Fountain Bateson Hall 5125
Dave Small St Andrew's Court 5774
Nicky Ansell St Andrew's Court 5779
Caroline Kerr St Georges Building 5051
Lesley Lee St Andrew's Court 5039
Hetal Maniar Eldon 5187
Andy Milner St Micheals Building 2060
Brendan McCathy Gun House 3648
Chris Smith Gun House 5310
Robbie Walker St Andrew's Court 3279
Tessa Foley Milldam 6255