General Information

Support Staff Association: Committee Members

We’re always interested in hearing from our members, please click on your committee representative to find out how to get in contact. If you are interested in serving on our committee please contact the Chair.


Executive committee






Becky Miles



Allison Gordon (Acting)





Support Staff Governor (ex officio)

Lyuda Wade


Committee Representatives (ex officio)


Academic Council

Mel Maloney
Nikki Sowerby


Equality & Diversity Committee

Lisa Wearn


Departmental Representatives


Faculty of Business and Law

Becky Miles


Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries

Sarah Turner


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Brenda Newman
Karen Martin


Faculty of Science

Jill Rice


Faculty of Technology

Allison Gordon


Academic Registry

Clare Johnson


Campus Services

Nigel Green


Careers and Employability Service

Rebecca Fletcher
Helen Simmons


Curriculum & Quality Enhancement

Alana Aldred
Mel Maloney



Chris Burke-Hynes


Equality and Diversity

Jeanette Faulkner



David Thompson


Human Resources

Maria Wall


Information Services

Barrie Miles


International Office




David Sherren
Paula Thompson


Marketing and Communications

Liz Haigh
Maricar Jagger


Vice-Chancellor's Executive and Planning department



Research and Innovation Services (+ Innovation space)

Suzi Edwards


Sport and Recreation
Housing and Accommodation

Lisa Wearn


UoP Global

Paul Langford



Roles of the elected officers of the Support Staff Association (SSA) Executive committee

There are three elected officers on the SSA Executive Committee. They are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


The Chair chairs meetings, which are currently held once a month, except during the summer period.

The Chair is the SSA’s contact point with the University Executive Board (UEB) and the governing body. The Chair’s contact for the UEB is Bernie Topham and for the Governors it is Adrian Parry.

The Chair may have to make decisions in-between meetings (Chair’s Action) to make sure that the SSA is represented on various committees across campus.

The Chair produces a report for the AGM and hands over chair to the Vice-Chair for election of Chair.


The Vice-Chair assumes the above role in the Chair’s absence.


The Secretary produces the agenda for the forthcoming meeting, emailing the committee for items to be included.

The Secretary takes notes at the meeting and produces minutes for the meeting which, once agreed by the next meeting as accurate, are published on the SSA web page.

The Secretary books the rooms and any refreshments for the committee meetings.

The Secretary maintains a current email distribution list of all SSA Executive Committee members.


The rest of the committee serve on various committees representing the interests of the support staff and make reports at the appropriate committee meeting. They are made up of various representatives from different departments across campus.