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Support Staff Association: Constitution

All members of support staff shall be members of the SSA and have the power to vote at general meetings. The SSA is run by an Executive Committee which itself is organised into smaller sub-committees.

The Committee comprises elected Officers, the Support Staff Governor, elected support staff representatives from Academic Council and the Equality and Diversity Committee, plus a minimum of one representative from each Faculty and a minimum of one representative from each professional service.

The Officers are elected by members of support staff and are eligible for re-election annually. Subject to the annual electoral process, it shall be the normal expectation on initial election that in the interests of continuity the Officers would continue in that role for a minimum of two years. Those present in attendance have the right to contribute but not to vote.


1) The Committee shall normally meet at least five times per academic year.
2) Officer positions shall be filled by elections at the Annual General Meeting, which shall be called during the term time.
3) Written nominations for the posts of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary should be received by the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Nominations and motions shall be published 7 days prior to the meeting.
4) A Special Meeting may be called by 10 members with 14 days notice prior to the meeting.
5) Twenty-five members shall constitute a quorum at Annual General and Special meetings.
6) The Committee will act to facilitate two-way communication between members of the SSA and the following:
a) Directorate
b) Board of Governors
c) Academic Council
7) The minutes of the Committee meetings shall be forwarded to the Clerk to the Board of Governors/Director of Corporate Governance and an annual report submitted to the Board of Governors

For a copy of the original CONSTITUTION, MEMBERSHIP AND TERMS OF REFERENCE Agreed at SSA Committee held on 26th May 2010 Approved at the Board of Governors meeting held on 16th June 2010, please see below 

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