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Oluwasoye Mafimisebi

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  • Role Title: PhD Student
  • Address: Richmond Building Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3DE
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  • Department: Strategy Enterprise and Innovation
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Nationality:          First supervisor: Dr Sara Hadleigh-Dunn , Second supervsior: Dr Andreas Hoecht    Year of graduation:

Crisis Management

Quite problematically, crisis and disaster continue to occur for the same reasons it would or could have been avoided. A previous study conducted indicates that the crisis of disaster is the most crucial issue that demand attention and empirical research. Risk, crisis and disaster management are generating contemporary interest. Critically, these terms (risk, crisis and disaster) are widely used but poorly understood among stakeholders. This research sought to critically review existing models of crisis management and their practicality to solve novel crisis/disaster and uncover new paradigm for solving risk, crisis and disaster facing organisations. In context, a review of extensive literature on previous cases of major crises and disasters worldwide provide the foundation for the research. The argument in the study anchored on the concept of moral disengagement in processes of organisational crisis. The research is generally in the area of risk, crisis and disaster management, anti-terrorism and anti-militancy management, business continuity and resilience management. The principal aim is to help stakeholders in crisis understand effective ways of managing crisis, reducing vulnerability, building resilience and adaptability, ensuring sustainable environmental development, ending moral disengagement abuses in crisis, and ensure sustainable crisis-free environment in Nigeria oil and gas sector.