Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation

Research Seminars

Date Name of presenter Topic/Title of presentation

15 February 2017

Venue: DS2.09

Nick Clifton The role of co-working spaces in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

1 March 2017

Venue: DS2.12

Dr Pal Vik, Research Fellow Commuity Finance Solutions, University of Salford

Why context matters - Cultural and historical origins of business finance support in Germany, US and UK.

16 March 2017

Venue: DS2.09

Xiaoti Hu, University of Portsmouth Adding 'social' to entrepreneurial opportunities: social capital and social entrepreneurship opportunity emergence

22 March 2017

Venue: DS2.09

David Pickernell, University of Portsmouth

A Small Business Administration for Wales? What a US-style Small Business Administration (SBA) might look like in Wales, and what might be the best model to provide comprehensive business support in Wales.


Followed by Q & A session and a Paper Bootcamp with Vijay Vyas. "The state and the enterprise: the changing equation".

17 May 2017

Venue: DS2.12

Martina Battisti, University of Portsmouth

Small business resilience - evidence from a longitudinal study on small business growth.