Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation

Dr L (Dap) Hartmann

  • Qualifications: PhD Astronomy
  • Role Title: Visiting Fellow
  • Address: Postbus 5015, 2600 GA, Delft
  • Telephone: +31 15 27 88073
  • Email:
  • Department: Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation
  • Faculty: Portsmouth Business School


I have a PhD in astronomy (Leiden, 1994) on the distribution of atomic hydrogen in the Milky Way. From 1994-1998, I was a visiting scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics where I studied the distribution of molecular clouds in the Milky Way. Later, I continued my atomic hydrogen research at Bonn University and at the Max Planck Institute for radio astronomy.

In 2003 I started a new career at Delft University of Technology in the field of innovation management and entrepreneurship. I have been an associate professor since 2012. In my course Turning Technology into Business multi-disciplinary student groups analyze the commercial potential of new technologies developed at TU Delft. This has resulted in a number of technology-based startups.

For 20 years, I was actively involved in computer chess – doing academic research and creating chess-playing programs. I have published many papers in scientific journals, as well as popular accounts in trade journals, magazines and newspapers. I have made four radio documentaries on scientific topics for Dutch Public Radio and I write a monthly column for the weekly newspaper of TU Delft. I am the author of Atlas of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen (Cambridge University Press) and Kennis in een Notendop (Bert Bakker), coauthor of The Cyclic Nature of Innovation. Connecting Hard Sciences with Soft Values (Elsevier), and editor of De Armen van de Inktvis (Prometheus). I am a member of the board of Studium Generale and Fellow of the Center for Inquiry for the Low Countries.


Research interests:

Innovation Management
Sustainable Energy
Recycling & Waste Management
New Materials
Life Cycle Managament
Physics & Astronomy
Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence