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Miss Dusana Hullova

  • Role Title: Research Fellow
  • Address: Richmond Building Portland Street Portsmouth PO1 3DE
  • Telephone: 023 92 844093
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  • Department: Strategy Enterprise and Innovation
  • Faculty: Portsmouth Business School


Before becoming a Research Fellow at the Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation Department, I worked as a Full-time PhD Student with a 3- year bursary from Portsmouth Business School. My PhD has been also partly sponsored by KernPack, a high-end packaging machinery company. The aim of the sponsorship is to help the company to examine how investments in the production processes can impact on the development of new products. This project has received extensive press coverage in a range of industry magazines such as Food and Drink International, Packaging News and Packaging Europe.

Teaching Responsibilities

Teaching postgraduate students: Innovation Management

Teaching undergraduate students: New Product Development and Brand Management (Level 5), Innovation Management (Level 5), Business Innovation Development Project (Level 4), Customer Insight for Product Management (Level 5), Business Research Project- Strategy (Level 6)


Research Overview

My research is focusing on the complementarity between product and manufacturing process innovation in the new Product and Process Development Projects within the UK food and drink industry. The aim is to provide a starting point in examining the relationship between product and process innovation beyond the industry and company level, as it was common in the prior research. I integrate perspectives from contingency theory and the resource-based view of the firm to show how differences in resources and capabilities combined with the specific needs of the New Product and Process Development Projects, will influence the type of complementarity between product and process innovation. Based on this I have developed a Complementarity-Capability Matrix that proposes seven complementarity strategies and resources and capabilities necessary to achieve them. At the moment I am working on testing the applicability of the matrix on examples of case studies of new Product and Process Development Projects in the food and drink industry and developing the matrix to become a useful tool in decision making for managers.

Research Interests

My research interests include product and manufacturing process innovation in low-technology process industries (food and drink industry), technology trajectories, power imbalance in the supply chain and management of absorptive capacity.


Hullova, D., Trott, P. & Simms, C. 2016. Uncovering the reciprocal complementarity between product and process innovation. Research Policy, 45: 929-940.

Conference papers

Hullova, D., Simms, C. & Trott, P. Antecedents and benefits of achieving reciprocal complementarity: a case study of the Guinness Draught in-can system project. R&D Management Conference, Cambridge 2016.

Hullova, D., Trott, P. & Simms, C. Uncovering the complementarity between product and process innovation: the contingency approach. International Product Innovation Conference, Copenhagen 2015.


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