Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation

The Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation (SEI) Subject Group sits within the Business School and has four research areas: Innovation Management; Business Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Risk (and trust). Staff within the subject group are engaged in a wide variety of applied research projects with organisations and firms such as the Royal Air Force, Procter & Gamble, Hampshire Fire Service and Rescue and Crown Packaging Ltd. Staff within the Subject Group combine extensive industrial experience with leading firms and contemporary academic research to explore new areas of concern for business.

Research and Knowledge Services

As part of a seven year collaboration with the Royal Air Force (RAF), staff within SEI are exploring leadership and strategy with the RAF. The rapidly changing arena of warfare means that the RAF is rethinking how best to meet the challenges of new threats from terrorism and how to incorporate new technologies to meet these threats.

A growing area of research for us is exploring product innovation within packaging. This has led to several applied PhD research projects with firms within the FMCG industry including: Co-op, M&S, P&G and Crown. Several of these firms are now sponsoring PhD research projects including Chesapeake and Crown Ltd.

Our research in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship has led to the establishment of a formal collaboration with the Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. Professor Erik-Jan Hultink has been appointed as Professor of New Product Development and is working with the Subject Group to develop further research in this area. We have also appointed several visiting research fellows from TU Delft (see below):

Visiting Academic Fellows

Dr Patrik Van Der Duin Visiting Fellow, 

Dr Dap Hartmann Visiting Fellow,

Professor Cees van Beers Visiting Professor,

Dr Rolan Ortt Visiting Fellow,

Dr Victor Scholten Visiting Fellow,


Dr Andreas Hoecht is the Research Lead for the Subject Group.


We offer a range of full-time and part-time innovative business and management modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels designed to develop the knowledge, skills and values that will equip graduates for a range of career options within the private and public sectors.

We also offer two specialist MSc programmes:

SEI staff lead and teach executive programmes and in-company programmes. Programmes can be studied in full-time, part-time, in campus, in company or by distance learning. Most of the programmes are either accredited by professional bodies or embedded additional learning routes leading to professional certification. As part of the RAF contract we are also responsible for providing a senior officers’ programme. These officers will now be exposed to private enterprise thinking to reinvigorate the middle management of the RAF.

PhD Research Projects

The Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation Subject Group has four research areas: Innovation Management, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Risk (and trust). We welcome PhD research applications from individuals who have an interest in these areas. Please contact us by email to discuss your research ideas and research proposals.


Professor Paul Trott

Head of Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation