Translation Conference 2007

Translation as Negotiation

10 November 2007


DescriptionFile Size
Negotiating Identities among Conflicting Pressures: Psycho- and Sociolinguistic Challenges Faced by Language Mediators Iris Guske (Kempten School of Translation & Interpreting Studies) PDF 122KB
Negotiating the Transition from Study to (Self-)employment: automatic progression or conscious process? Janet Fraser (University of Westminster) PDF 82KB
Negotiating Translation Revision Assignments Spencer Allman PDF 85KB
Grammatical Choice in Translation Viacheslav B. Kashkin (Voronezh State University, Russia) PDF 137KB
Translation and censorship in Franco’s Spain: negotiation as a pathway for authorization Cristina Gómez Castro (Universidad de Cantabria) PDF 84KB
Translation, Censorship and Negotiation in Westerns Carmen Camus (University of Cantabria) PDF 541KB
Producing World Poetry from 1900 to the Present: Tongue, Translation, Transaction, and the Spectre of Treachery R. Victoria Arana (Howard University, Washington, D.C.) PDF 83KB