Translation Conference 2008

The Changing Face of Translation

8 November 2008


DescriptionFile Size
The Translator: a Time-traveller Pilar Ordóñez- López (Universitat Jaume I Castellón de la Plana, Spain) PDF 79KB
Translating Cultures: The Translator as an Intercultural Mediator Juan José Martínez-Sierra (University of Murcia ,Spain) PDF 65KB
The Changing Face of Audiovisual Translation in Italy Ilaria Parini (University of Milan) PDF 78KB
The Joy of Opera: The Art and Craft of Opera Subtitling and Surtitling Jonathan Burton (The Royal Opera House, London) PDF 54KB
Buddhist Scripture Translation in the New Millennium Sai-cheong Siu (Department of Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong) PDF 248KB
EU Translation in the Age of the Web Ewa Rossing (Directorate General for Translation, European Commission) PDF 53KB
The Changing Face of Translation Emma Wagner (Fellow of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting) PDF 48KB
Challenges to Translation from Interpreting Dr Kevin Lin (Middlesex University, UK) PDF 73KB
New Technologies and Conference Interpretation Judith S. Farwick (Dolmetsch-Service Farwick, Cologne, Germany) PDF 73KB
Diversify, Specialise and Survive: Ways to Compete in a challenging Market Sarah Griffin-Mason ( PDF 76KB
Compiling, Rewriting and Recycling: The Changing Face of Translation in the TV Newsroom Claire Tsai (Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick) PDF 78KB
Live Subtitling through Respeaking: a new Discipline in Interpretation? Rita Geens (University College Ghent) PDF 73KB
Not Just an Extension: Reinstating the Applied Branch within Translation Studies Federica Scarpa, Maria Teresa Musacchio, Giuseppe Palumbo (University of Trieste, University of Padova, University of Modena e Reggio Emilia) PDF 80KB
Entrepreneurial Competences in Translation Training Sonia Vandepitte (University College Ghent, Ghent University) PDF 83KB
Bringing Professional Practices into Translation Classrooms Catherine Way (Universidad de Granada, Spain. AVANTI Research Group) PDF 100KB
Comparing European Qualifications in the Realm of Official Translating And Interpreting Francisco J. Vigier, Catherine Way (AVANTI Research Group, University of Granada) PDF 98KB
Cover Songs: Metaphor or Object of Study? Jonathan Evans (University of Portsmouth, UK) PDF 65KB
Translating Western Musicals into Chinese: Language and Cultural adaptations Stella Sorby (University of Portsmouth) PDF 220KB
Marco A. Fiola (Ryerson University) Translation Memories and Translators’ Memory: What to make of Translator Subjectivity? PDF 98KB

Talking with the translators video series:

Talking with the Translators is a series of interviews with professional translators, including two of this year's conference speakers, Emma Wagner and Sarah Griffin-Mason. The subjects range from freelance translation and translation project coordination to the support provided by the professional bodies. Please click here to visit the webpage.